“Our vision is to live in a society that provides timely and equitable access to the best available care for the effective management of obesity and its complications.”

NACOS is the first nationally recognised association for clinical obesity services in Australia. The association was established on 26 October 2018 and registered as NACOS Incorporated with Consumer Affairs Victoria on 25 January 2019.

NACOS is committed to driving improvements in the quality of obesity care by implementing and evaluating new evidence-based policies and practices in Australia’s health system. The purposes of the incorporated association are to promote high-quality care according to the principles and standards proposed in the National Framework for Clinical Obesity Services.

In addition, we work alongside our partner organisations to

  • Reduce the stigma of obesity and clinical obesity services and treatments
  • Engage with priority stakeholders and representatives of high-need cohorts
  • Enable access to information and networking opportunities for all clinical obesity HCPs and researchers focussed on the provision of quality care for people living with obesity or weight-related health impairments
  • Develop and disseminate clinical obesity knowledge and education programmes
  • Encourage and support specialist/surgical obesity services to collaborate with all relevant HCPs to optimise the delivery of quality care, especially in poorly resourced areas

The establishment of NACOS Incorporated was supported by a grant from Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. Ongoing, NACOS is funded through membership fees, sponsorship fees and generous donations.

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