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Application form - WMC

1. How would you best describe your service?

2. Please select all service providers directly involved in your service

5. What types of patients do you see in your clinical obesity service/centre?

6. Is this based on

7. Do you have criteria for referral acceptance?

9. Do you have criteria for discharging patients back to their regular GP?

11. What types of services/appointments/education do you provide at your clinical obesity service/centre?

13. Are you currently involved in an obesity network with any other services to improve support to people with or at risk of obesity?

16. Would your service ben interested in collaborating obesity care with other level of clinical obesity services/centres?

17. Would your service be interested in having your contact information visible via our find a service search portal?

18. Are there any current project(s)/research initiatives occurring within your clinical obesity service/centre?

20. Would your clinical obesity service/centre be willing to share the outcomes of the project/research and any associated policies/procedures/models of care with NACOS?

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