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Public Bariatric Surgery - A National Framework.

ANZMOSS & Collaborative Public Bariatric Surgery Taskforce.
October 2020

Joint international consensus statement for ending stigma of obesity

Obesity in adults: a clinical practice guideline (Canadian)
The Australian Obesity Management Algorithm: A simple tool to guide the management of obesity in primary care

Development and internal validation of the Edmonton Obesity Staging System-2 Risk screening Tool (EOSS-2 Risk Tool) for weight-related health complications: a case-control study in a representative sample of Australian adults with overweight and obesity

Clinical usefulness of brief screening tool for activating weight management discussions in primary cARE (AWARE): A nationwide mixed methods pilot study


Prof John Dixon - Obesity and Stigma

Prof John Dixon - Chronic Inflammation and Obesity

Robert Norman - Obesity and Fertility

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National Framework for Clinical Obesity Services

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